Financial Options

Financial Resources and Options to pay for your care4you2 STNA Class

As we learn of different options that exist for program fee assistance, we will add that information to this page.

Call to see whether you qualify for the following programs:

Pathway to Healthcare Careers/HPOG Project- Jeff Smith (419) 213-6342

Employment Readiness Training- Ms. Huffman (419) 242-7304 ext. 7030

Youth Enhancement Services (ages 16-24)- Rachel Rodriguez (419) 720-1703

Or, contact the following facilities for possible employment/STNA class opportunities:

Arbors at Sylvania

Kingston of Perrysburg

Kingston at Sylvania

Otterbein Perrysburg

Otterbein Monclova

Otterbein Portage Valley

1. Pay On Your Own: You can register and pay for your classes with cash or a money order. We do NOT accept personal checks. If you register online, you must use a PAYPAL account to pay in full for your classes. If you pay in person, you can use any of the payment methods (except PAYPAL) listed above.

2. Use the NEW PAYPAL 6 months financing option! Submit your online payment information and request the 6 month option to pay. The applicant’s credit history is checked and, if approved the applicant knows within seconds of the approval. Payment is immediate to care4you2 and the student then makes payments over 6 months to the finance company who approved him/her.

3. Apply for a student credit card. We have the name and telephone number of an organization that offers College Credit Cards with a limit of $300-$2500. They will ask for our name, address, phone number, date of birth, if you are working-name of company and your work telephone number, your income, the name of the school you are attending (care4you2), and your expected graduation date. They will assign you an ID and try to have an approval/denial within 2 hours to 7 days. If approved it will take 7-10 business days to receive the credit card. Please call or visit us for details.

4. Loan: You may apply at your financial institution for a loan. If you are approved for a loan, you WILL have to re-pay the financial institution the money you borrowed PLUS interest. Your financial institution will give you details and an application if you qualify to apply for a loan. Some credit unions may offer small loans to cover the cost of the program, uniform and state test if you are a member or perhaps of you are an immediate family member of a member of the credit union.

5. Employment/Training Services Funded Programs: Many programs exist that assist qualified applicants with funding for programs such as STNA classes. Below you will find some information about existing programs and links you may click on for additional information. Check with ANY case manager with whom you work to inquire as to whether training funds are available (i.e. LMHA, ODJFS, etc.)

Additional information:

Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Programs

WIA is a federally funded program to provide employment and training services. In Ohio, WIA local control and decision-making is maximized through an effective state and local partnership that fosters continuous improvement of the workforce development system. WIA provides the framework for the workforce development system that is designed to meet the needs of employers, job seekers and those who want to advance their careers. The goal of WIA is to increase employment, job retention, earnings of participants, and occupational skill attainment by participants. WIA’s employment and training services targets adults, dislocated workers and youth. WIA services are provided through local One-Stop Centers.

WIA Youth Programs

This program is designed for eligible youth, ages 14-24, who require additional assistance to succeed in educational or employment. The program includes opportunities for assistance in academic or occupational learning; development of leadership skills; and preparation for further education, additional training, and employment. Services available include tutoring/study skills, dropout prevention, alternative school, summer employment, work experience, occupational skills, leadership development, adult mentoring, counseling and guidance, and supportive services.

Y.E.S. Youth EnhancementServices- for ages 16-24

Eligibility Requirements (call 419-720-1703 to confirm current requirements)

1. 16-24 at time of intake

2. Out of school at time of intake-can be graduated or dropped out of high school-GED student is ok

3. Low income-food assistance or cash is automatic qualifier-if not, need 6 months income-if not, need statement describing situation

4. Must have an employment barrier-low basic skills-dropout-homeless, foster care-pregnant, parenting-offender-poor work history-lack of job skills-disabled.

Bring documentation plus ID and SS card to intake. Client will not beable to enroll without ALL documentation.

This program may cover the costs associated with Medication Aide-Certified training.