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About Us

Take the BEST class in Toledo to Assist You in Passing Your Nursing Assistant Exam!
care4you2 has Full and Part Time Day Classes and Evening, and Weekend Classes.

Our Philosophy you are lo

We teach our students to recognize the significance of the impact they make as ONE person when they provide exceptional physical and emotional care and comfort to their residents, inadvertently touching many more lives-those of the people who are somehow connected to that resident.  Anyone who is qualified to do so can teach you to perform skills.  At care4you2, we are THE program with a HEART!  We believe that to impart an expectation of the highest level of quality services to the residents for whom you will provide care means that you will impact SO many other lives- well beyond that of the resident.  When you provide EXCEPTIONAL care to a resident, you not only impact THAT person, but their family members, your peers who work with that resident before and after you do, the facility’s administration and support teams, the quality of the facility, etc.  So you see, YOUR decisions, YOUR top notch quality care, YOUR choice to go the extra mile for each resident impacts MANY MORE PEOPLE than just the one person for whom you are providing care.

Rely on our experts to guide you through your State-Tested Nursing Assistant training for the state exam.  What’s your preference?  For our competitive program fee, we offer a total of a minimum of 76 hours of training- a combination of 60 informative, dynamic class hours and 16 hours of clinical experience.  The dynamic nurse instructors go well above and beyond to prepare our students for the STNA state exam through informative, innovative lectures, audio/visual teaching aides, guest speakers, and hands-on lab work and return demonstrations.  Our students say that the hands-on clinical experience offered in our program gives them the confidence to not only do a great job on the STNA state exam but also motivates them to want to provide only top-of-the-line quality services for the patients needing care.  We offer quizzes and tests to help our students become familiar with the state testing process.  In our program, we focus on you as an individual, which is why there are no more than 16 students in each class.  When searching for the program that is right for you, choose the program with a heart!  Call us today for more information about how we may assist you in reaching your career goals.

EARN COLLEGE CREDIT FOR THIS CLASS! care4you2 STNA Program is of such superb quality that we were approached by the University of Phoenix and offered an agreement through which our students can earn a full semester’s worth of college credits (3 credits) with the University for this class!

We’re Here to Help You Succeed

Turn to us at care4you2, for helpful assistance while you prepare for the STNA state test.  The nursing team is as dedicated to their students as the students are to the program and their own success.  The nurse instructors are extremely knowledgeable and provide thorough training.  We are committed to assisting EVERY student to register for and successfully complete the state test.  The nursing team is available to provide extra support prior to you going to take your state test.

Take your state test in the same location where you took your classes!

Our classroom is an approved State Testing site!  Take your state test in the same classroom where you studied so you are comfortable and familiar with the equipment and surroundings!

Pass your STNA exam with the help of our exceptional quality nursing assistant classes from our agency in Toledo, Ohio.  Focusing on your education, care4you2,, is here to help you succeed with top-notch STNA classes/training to best prepare you for the STNA state test.  Passing the nursing assistant exam is a state requirement for nursing students, and we’re looking forward to showing you what 20+ years of nursing experience can do for your career.  Contact us today to enroll in our nursing assistant classes.

Register and pay for your classes online- 24/7 through PayPal.

Register in person with cash or money order- NO PERSONAL CHECKS.
OFFICE HOURS: Monday through Friday 9am-4pm; all other hours are by appointment
Location: 5151 Monroe Street, Suite 101, Toledo, OH 43623

Feel confident that you’ll find a great job after you pass the State Tested Nursing Assistant exam.  For all qualified graduates, though we cannot guarantee employment, we’ll assist you to find employment through employers seeking our graduates.  With our training, you’ll enter the field knowledgeable and prepared for the workforce.