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Frequently Asked Questions
Are you looking for a class that you can join?  Get answers for your questions from our FAQ section.
Schedule of Classes
At care4you2, we schedule classes so that it will be convenient for you to attend training sessions.
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You can enroll online!  Simply register for classes via the care4you2 website today.

Welcome to care4you2

Did you know…

Nurse Aide Training Reimbursement:

Individuals are entitled to a refund of up to 100 percent for out-of-pocket expenses paid for completing an Ohio NATCEP. This request can only be made to the very first nursing home that hires an individual as an STNA and must be made within 12 months after training program completion. The refund amount may be prorated based on the time an individual completed his/her training program and when he/she began working for their first nursing home. State rules 3701-17-07.1 and 3701-18-08 and Federal regulations 42CFR 483.152, 42CFR 483.154 and 42CFR 483.158 require that nursing homes provide this reimbursement if requested.


care4you2 is pleased to announce our NEW satellite location, True Vine MBC, Lagrange Street, Toledo, where care4you2 STNA classes will soon be offered. Our anticipated start date in this new location is September 19, 2016.  We are looking to hold a 9a-2:30p class here.

All deposits and class fees paid are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE. Our Program Fee is ONLY $395.

Included for the $395 Program Fee:

  • Program Instruction
  • TB Test
  • Course Study Notes
  • Tote Bag
  • D & S Skills Handbook
  • Clinical Uniform
  • Pen

Payment Options

  • Full Payment – We accept cash, PAYPAL (online only), business check or money order when paying in full.
  • Payment Plan Option – Cash ONLY:
    • $95 CASH down plus a CASH weekly payment until paid in full as follows:
    • 2 week program: $150 by each Thursday*
    • 3 or 3.5 week program: $100 by each Thursday*
    • 4 week program: $75 by each Saturday*
    • 4.5 week program: $75 by each Thursday*

*or as directed by the program

Payments NOT made by the designated day of the week EACH WEEK will incur a $5 per business day late fee.

All deposits and class fees paid are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE.

care4you2 honors and respects our military personnel. Veterans and military personnel (with documentation) receive discounts for some classes through care4you2. Call for details.

When you are shopping around for the best program for you, ask whether you will be charged for anything in addition to the tuition! At care4you2, there are:

  • NO make-up late/missed day fees* (unless you schedule and do not show up for the scheduled make up time)
  • NO registration fees!
  • NO lab fees!
  • NO book rental fees!
  • A minimum of 59 classroom hours
  • 16 hours of clinical experience
  • TB Test IS included* (see additional information below)
  • Handouts to take home
  • Assistance with signing up for the state examination at our or another location
  • Employment opportunities list provided to graduates upon completion of the State Tested Nursing Assistant Certification program
  • **Nurses reserve the right to charge a student a fee to make up for missing clinical time

When shopping other programs, you may want to ask:

  • What is the absolute final cost of my program by the time I am handed my certificate- including everything you require for me to pay for by the time I graduate from your program? Do I have to rent/buy a book? Do I have to wear your uniforms for classes? Do I have to pay for my own TB test? Do you require a physical and if so, is it at my expense? (Everything you need to complete the class is included in the total program cost of $395 at care4you2).
  • Are you a state test site? (care4you2 IS a state test site).
  • How many people will there be, MAXIMUM, in my class? (At care4you2, we limit our class size to 16-18 people maximum for optimal student learning experience, time on the equipment and time to ask questions of the instructor).
  • Once I graduate, am I able to come back and work with a nurse, free of charge, to practice my skills until I state test? (at care4you2, we make a RN available at least twice a month to work with our graduates to practice their skills until they state test. There is NEVER any charge for this service for care4you2 graduates).
  • Once I graduate, am I able to come back and practice on my own in the state test room while waiting to state test? (you can at care4you2!)
  • Once I graduate, am I able to come back and do free written practice tests? (we strongly encourage this at care4you2!)
  • Are there employers wanting to hire people specifically from your program? (at care4you2, because we have an awesome reputation in the community we have MANY employers who have had awesome experiences with care4you2 graduates and therefore they will come and recruit from the classes. They also post advertisements just for care4you2 graduates).
  • Do you offer a payment plan? (at care4you2, we have a cash-only payment plan. $95 cash down reserves your seat in the class of your choice as long as their are still seats available. Students then make equal, weekly cash payments [or discuss other options with us at the time they sign up in person]).
  • What if I miss any time from the class- am I charged any fees? (at care4you2, trainees who miss time talk directly with their instructors to schedule the make up time. Only if the trainee does not comply with the original agreed upon schedule does the nurse have the right to charge the trainee directly for any time the nurse has to re-reschedule for the trainee.)

*TB Tests-additional information

In our program, you do not need to go get your own TB test or pay extra to have us do it for you. However, for someone who chooses to do their own test, the Department of Health on Erie Street in Toledo charges $10 to complete the TB test. Should you need a chest x-ray as a result, they will do the first chest x-ray for free at the first time of conversion. They also offer a latent TB tets program. The Department of Health can assist people who do not have medical insurance; call for details. Contact Sherri Harr, Communicable Disease Nurse at (419) 213-4130 at the Department of Health for more information.

Dress Code for Class:

Comfortable clothing (jeans/t-shirt; sweats; scrubs) and close-toed shoes. No tops revealing cleavage, no clothing with offensive/suggestive statements, no short shorts, no mid-riffs showing, no pajamas, no slippers and no open-toed shoes. Trainees wearing inappropriate clothing or foot attire will be sent home and will have to make up all missed time.



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